What is cash crate is it a scam? Is it worth my time? Will I really be paid?

Short answers no, yes, and yes.

It may seem at first like a scam, but you can check out the forums, without even joining to see numerous people posting when they are paid.

I have been doing it for over a year now off and on and it is quite simple when I earn at least 20 dollars on month, take this month for example. I earn 20.00 in jan. I will get a check cut on the 15th of feb and by the 25th of feb, I will have a check in my mail box for 20.00 or however much I earned. 20, is the minimum payout though.

Is it worth the time put into it. For me the time I put in varies, and some offers will pay 1.00 or more to complete some only offer 25-50 cents, so it depends on you as a person. Personally I look at it like this, I’m going to be on the internet anyway so why not do something to actually make some money off it.

You can earn from surveys as well up to 1.80 a day, again the time varies on these, and they are much simpler than the offers to complete.

Referrals as well earn you money, which I will talk about the cash crate referral program in another post.

And yes you will really get paid. I have never not been paid for the work I did. Once you reach silver status you will be able to skip the paper check and go straight to direct deposit, which you get paid on the 1st for that.

It is a simply legit way to make some extra pocket change, and who doesn’t need extra money.


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