Some randomness about cashcrate

…Can you earns 100 and 1000s and quit your day job…No, I wouldn’t advise it my biggest check to date has been 50.00. If you check out the forums, there are some people who have been doing this since 2007, when cash crate, came about..that make pretty good but it takes time and effort. I usually spend about 5 minutes a day on it…but do to my goal for this year I’m going to try to put more effort forth.

Do you need more than your primary email address? Yes, b/c some of the offers, are from the same company and you won’t get credit if it is the same email address, so haveing some extra helps.

Do you get spammed? I have not gotten any calls, or added junk mail..But as far as email goes this is another reason you need to use a secondary address.

Will I ever get charged anything?No, cashcrate doesn’t charge you and there are no fees. If you do a trial offer, to like netflix, or something, then yes there is a charge, but that is for netflix, you don’t’ ever have to pay for something on cashcrate


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