March’s contest

These are the most recent contest going on in cashcrate right now to help you earn more.


Celebrate Spring with some extra cash. We’ll be rewarding the top 20 members who complete the most Offers and Daily Surveys. Did you know we added a new Daily Survey recently? Check out all the Daily Surveys under the Surveys section, Remember with the daily surverys you can take each one twice every 24 hours and earnings from these vary from .80-.50 a piece.  Complete Cash Offers and Surveys in March and you could win a nice prize. For this contest prizes go from an extra 50.00$ down to an extra 5.00 but every little bit helps.


Also, with the addition of the all new cashcrate live, they are having another contest.CashCrate Live! is taking contests to the next level: live real time contest! The top 10 people who earn the most money from completing offers win a prize. Contest starts at 8:00 PM EST and runs until 11:00 PM EST, March 9th, 2011.And a live contest wouldn’t be complete without real-time chat. Discuss the best offers and general chat with your fellow contestants and CashCrate staff. The contest chat will open 1 hour before the start of the contest, and will close shortly after prizes are awarded.

EARN EVEN MORE ALERT!!!>>We’ll also be giving away Coupon Codes at random times during the chat. Coupon Codes are good for cash and/or points.<<

The Prizes1st Place: $50 Amazon™ gift card
2nd Place: $25 Amazon™ gift card
3rd Place: $20 Amazon™ gift card
4th Place: $15 Amazon™ gift card
5th Place: $10 Amazon™ gift card
6th Place: $10 instant CashCrate™ Cash
7th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash
8th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash
9th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash
10th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash




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