Staying with couponing budget

So in effort to not spend a huge amount on stuff I don’t need right this second, I set a couponing budget of 25.00 a pay day…yeah not alot right…wrong after several failed attempts I have found that as much as I hate to lol it is cheaper to store shop. Walmarts price match isnt all its cracked up to be when you can get “money” back from CVS. So this past week I went to ingles and after coupons spent 5.00, CVS 5.00 and walmart 8.00…This doesn’t count groceries for me till I spend 150, which yes I get that much in Food Stamps no shame or apologies here. I paid and continue to pay into the system so yes I do use it… Then I will set a food budget something similar.

But my recent purchases included: 2 packs of pull ups, a pack of little swimmers, a small pack of always pads, Irish Spring Body Wash, White cloud toliet paper, and paper towels, and 2 things of Aussie Shampoo and I still have 6 dollars of my budget left over 🙂


I haven’t been doing alot of online work lately b/c I have been trying to read up on how to get the most out of my coupons and there is so much information out there.


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