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Okay this is defiantely no way to earn a huge amount of money, unless you have the spare time to sit and stare at a computer doing mind numbing repertive behavior for hours…However I have made almost 5.00 towards my xmas fund….Since I do alot of my shopping on amazon, I am just going to keep adding bits and change here and there so that by the time the chirstmas season starts I should hopefully have 25-50 extra dollars or more towards gifts.




Staying with couponing budget

So in effort to not spend a huge amount on stuff I don’t need right this second, I set a couponing budget of 25.00 a pay day…yeah not alot right…wrong after several failed attempts I have found that as much as I hate to lol it is cheaper to store shop. Walmarts price match isnt all its cracked up to be when you can get “money” back from CVS. So this past week I went to ingles and after coupons spent 5.00, CVS 5.00 and walmart 8.00…This doesn’t count groceries for me till I spend 150, which yes I get that much in Food Stamps no shame or apologies here. I paid and continue to pay into the system so yes I do use it… Then I will set a food budget something similar.

But my recent purchases included: 2 packs of pull ups, a pack of little swimmers, a small pack of always pads, Irish Spring Body Wash, White cloud toliet paper, and paper towels, and 2 things of Aussie Shampoo and I still have 6 dollars of my budget left over 🙂


I haven’t been doing alot of online work lately b/c I have been trying to read up on how to get the most out of my coupons and there is so much information out there.

See this check

It is real and went into my account with no problem….I now have 200.00 saved for the future.

If you want to start making a bit extra like this go to cashcrate and sign up (they have 1.00 bonus for just signing up).

cashcrate check


I am attempting to stream line both my work blog with my personal blog as a way to reach more people. If you are following this blog while I test out this new phase please visit here. To keep up with my savings.

I know I promised to update alot

but honestly the other ways that I have tried to make money on line have failed. I did manage to make a dollar on amazon turk…But honestly from my experience cashcrate is the best and easiest way to make real money on line.

I am liking swag bucks pretty good to, I think I will continue those and amazon turk from time to time, and just use the amazon cards, for christmas and birthdays. It is never to early to start think about christmas.

So this blog will now mostly be focusing on cashcrate, which I will be recieivng a check from next month for 27.58 and my couponing which I am expanding on.

I joined an awesome site that helps out alot. Heres the link for that.

Saved 15.00 Dollars at Walmart today

Not only will I be talking about my ways to earn extra, I figured I would share my savings and some tips with you…After all, even if the higher ups say the economy is improving, my paychecks don’t reflect it, and with the price of gas and grocery increasing we need all the help we can get.
First, our local walmart price matches, so I found lunchables, a staple for my kid at target for 1.00,at walmart they were 1.25, saved two dollars that way. The remaining 13, where in coupons. 🙂

A defentive cashcrate guide

I am borrowing this from cashcrates awesome forum, its some general questions about the offers on there. Remember sign up is free and you get a dollar just to feel out your profile.

Default Offer Questions – The Definitive Guide!


In this guide I want to tell you a little bit about how our offers work, and give you some tips for completing them. I’ll add additional answers to questions as they come up. Hope this helps!

Q: How exactly does this work?

Good question. We work with several different companies and advertising networks to find offers for you to complete. When we find a company who wants to have our users try their product or service, we list it on our site. When a user completes their offer through our site, they report the completion to us and we credit your account.

People often ask why some offers take hours or days to confirm for them, and the simple answer is that we rely on our advertisers to provide us with statistics about users who have completed their offers. Some offers credit almost instantly, but others take longer because the advertiser may give us updates only periodically. Once we receive this information from our advertisers, user accounts are updated automatically.

Q: What does it mean when an offer is Pending?

We provide the “Pending” feature only as a way for you to track the offers that you’ve done. Just because an offer is Pending does not mean it will be credited, and even if you forget to submit an offer to us, you’ll still receive credit for the offer when the company reports to us.

You may have noticed that it’s possible to submit offers to us (and give them Pending status) even if you haven’t completed them. Remember that you will only be credited for the offer when the advertiser notifies us that you have completed the offer.

Q: How long do offers stay Pending?

An offer stays pending until we receive credit for it or until two weeks have passed. If two weeks have passed without crediting, it will be removed from your Pending list and put back into your Available Offers list so you can complete it. If that same offer is eventually credited to us, we’ll credit your account regardless of whether it’s Pending or not.

Q: I did an offer and I still haven’t received credit. Why?

If you an offer hasn’t credited for you, it’s because we haven’t received credit. If, for any reason, we don’t receive credit from the advertiser, we cannot credit your account. Remember that in most cases offers confirm within a couple of hours, but sometimes they can take days or weeks. We know it’s hard to wait, but try to be patient!

Q: Why would an advertiser withhold credit if I completed the offer?

We understand it’s frustrating to do an offer and not get credit for it—it’s frustrating for us, too! There are a variety of reasons why an advertiser may not credit us for an offer you believe you completed. Here are some of those reasons:

• You didn’t complete the entire offer. If you quit half way through a survey or don’t finish an offer, you won’t be credited. For example, many sites require that you confirm your email address at the end of the registration.

• Fake or inaccurate information was used. If you use fake information when completing an offer, you will not receive credit. Using fake or misleading information is also against our Terms of Service and will result in the termination of your account. If you’re not interested in having a company know your real information, don’t do the offer!

• You’ve done the offer before. Advertisers aren’t interested in paying for the same person to try their product or service multiple times. If you’ve done the offer (or possibly even an offer from the same company) outside of CashCrate, we won’t receive credit for it if you do it again.

• You used a gift card or prepaid credit card to do the offer. If you do an offer that requires a credit card, some companies will not credit us if you use a gift card or prepaid credit card. This is because they don’t want you signing up for a trial, only to find that your card gets declined if you continue with them after the trial period.

• You canceled the offer immediately. If you sign-up for a product trial and then immediately cancel your trial, you won’t receive credit. The point of our program is that you get paid to try products and services that you’re interested in. By canceling immediately, you’re indicating that you weren’t even interested to begin with. If you’re not interested in an offer, don’t do it!

Q: I have very few offers available to me. What’s the deal?

Unfortunately the bulk of our offers are only available to those users within the United States. Very few are available to international members at this time. The good news is that we’re starting to see more and more international offers (especially for those of you in Europe and Canada).

Q: What else should I keep in mind when completing offers?

Be sure you read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other relevant information on an advertiser’s site before you do an offer. While we try to give you a general idea of what an offer is and how much it costs, we can’t guarantee that our information is accurate or up-to-date. Be sure to check for yourself first.

Q: I had a bad experience with one of your advertisers. What should I do?

We do our best to only work with companies who are truthful and up front with our users. If you feel that a company has scammed you (hit you with frivolous charges, for example), please let us know.

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