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Okay this is defiantely no way to earn a huge amount of money, unless you have the spare time to sit and stare at a computer doing mind numbing repertive behavior for hours…However I have made almost 5.00 towards my xmas fund….Since I do alot of my shopping on amazon, I am just going to keep adding bits and change here and there so that by the time the chirstmas season starts I should hopefully have 25-50 extra dollars or more towards gifts.




Staying with couponing budget

So in effort to not spend a huge amount on stuff I don’t need right this second, I set a couponing budget of 25.00 a pay day…yeah not alot right…wrong after several failed attempts I have found that as much as I hate to lol it is cheaper to store shop. Walmarts price match isnt all its cracked up to be when you can get “money” back from CVS. So this past week I went to ingles and after coupons spent 5.00, CVS 5.00 and walmart 8.00…This doesn’t count groceries for me till I spend 150, which yes I get that much in Food Stamps no shame or apologies here. I paid and continue to pay into the system so yes I do use it… Then I will set a food budget something similar.

But my recent purchases included: 2 packs of pull ups, a pack of little swimmers, a small pack of always pads, Irish Spring Body Wash, White cloud toliet paper, and paper towels, and 2 things of Aussie Shampoo and I still have 6 dollars of my budget left over 🙂


I haven’t been doing alot of online work lately b/c I have been trying to read up on how to get the most out of my coupons and there is so much information out there.

March’s contest

These are the most recent contest going on in cashcrate right now to help you earn more.


Celebrate Spring with some extra cash. We’ll be rewarding the top 20 members who complete the most Offers and Daily Surveys. Did you know we added a new Daily Survey recently? Check out all the Daily Surveys under the Surveys section, Remember with the daily surverys you can take each one twice every 24 hours and earnings from these vary from .80-.50 a piece.  Complete Cash Offers and Surveys in March and you could win a nice prize. For this contest prizes go from an extra 50.00$ down to an extra 5.00 but every little bit helps.


Also, with the addition of the all new cashcrate live, they are having another contest.CashCrate Live! is taking contests to the next level: live real time contest! The top 10 people who earn the most money from completing offers win a prize. Contest starts at 8:00 PM EST and runs until 11:00 PM EST, March 9th, 2011.And a live contest wouldn’t be complete without real-time chat. Discuss the best offers and general chat with your fellow contestants and CashCrate staff. The contest chat will open 1 hour before the start of the contest, and will close shortly after prizes are awarded.

EARN EVEN MORE ALERT!!!>>We’ll also be giving away Coupon Codes at random times during the chat. Coupon Codes are good for cash and/or points.<<

The Prizes1st Place: $50 Amazon™ gift card
2nd Place: $25 Amazon™ gift card
3rd Place: $20 Amazon™ gift card
4th Place: $15 Amazon™ gift card
5th Place: $10 Amazon™ gift card
6th Place: $10 instant CashCrate™ Cash
7th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash
8th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash
9th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash
10th Place: $5 instant CashCrate™ Cash



See this check

It is real and went into my account with no problem….I now have 200.00 saved for the future.

If you want to start making a bit extra like this go to cashcrate and sign up (they have 1.00 bonus for just signing up).

cashcrate check

Scratch that

I don’t think the stream lining my blogs will work to well. But I did want to up date really quick and let you all know that I just received yet another check from cashcrate for 27.50 (will post a pic later).  And that they have added even more ways to make money, check in daily for an extra 3 cents, do it everyday for a month and get 50 cents more. And a video section the ones I have watched have paid between 2-5 cents and only take 30-45 seconds of my time.


I am attempting to stream line both my work blog with my personal blog as a way to reach more people. If you are following this blog while I test out this new phase please visit here. To keep up with my savings.

I know I promised to update alot

but honestly the other ways that I have tried to make money on line have failed. I did manage to make a dollar on amazon turk…But honestly from my experience cashcrate is the best and easiest way to make real money on line.

I am liking swag bucks pretty good to, I think I will continue those and amazon turk from time to time, and just use the amazon cards, for christmas and birthdays. It is never to early to start think about christmas.

So this blog will now mostly be focusing on cashcrate, which I will be recieivng a check from next month for 27.58 and my couponing which I am expanding on.

I joined an awesome site that helps out alot. Heres the link for that.

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